is corona, china’s dirty game plan

The game is very clear, spread the fear and make them weak and then control them, sell them your produced goods, control their economy and rule the world. The lockdown in the country will not only make the Indians suffer but will also put the country’s growth, economy into a long term comma, it would create more loss than profit. No doubt coronavirus is contagious and infectious but it’s not deadly, the total number of deaths coronavirus has caused till now is only 2,00,000.

Global Share market crashed out of fear and major stock and share markets across the world came to grounds without much impact on Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange. People started panic buying the depositing the stock which most companies use to import from china so sales of china increased 20-30 folds. It is just the fear and hype that has been created for the sake of controlling the world economy. China has simply used this threat in order to hold back major growing and developing countries to enhance their economy and become a regional power. But by that time, it would have been too delayed as china would have purchased most shares of our countries companies and we would have lost a major revenue flow in our country.

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